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The Nádasdy Mansion is located at Nádasdladány, Fejér county, Hungary.

Address : Kastély út 1.

                  Nádasdladány 8145                               


Dear Visitors! The Mansion is closed during 2019.

The building and the park are under a major renovation.

Please, come back for further information! Thanks for your patience!


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Nádasdy Mansion

The Nádasdy Mansion is a Tudor - Romantic style manor house designed by Istvan Linsbauer and Alajos Hauszman for Ferenc Nádasdy. It's situated on 24 hectars in Nádasdladány, Hungary. It dates from 1873 - 1876.

The walls and the ceiling of the hall are covered with carved wooden paneling, The chandeliers and fireplace are also original.

The rooms were equipped with talking tubes ( the foreunners of the telephone  ) and were heated with air heating system, while gas lamp lit the halls. Every technological innovations of the age were included  in the castle.

The Nádasdy family is a major aristocratic family whose roots rich in the the Middle age.


           ( If god is for us, who can be against us )

​The Nádasdy family made a large contribution to the the development of HUngarian printing. They created one of the most notable private  libraries and art collections in central Europe.





Selecting the right location for your wedding is one of the most important wedding planning decisions you will make. The historic, elegant Nádasdy Manson offers breathtaking romantic settings to beautifully reflect your style. We offer you the opportunity to create your big day here and have an unforgettable day with your family.


Filmmakers able to meet badget with good shooting location. A report by Olsberd SPI concludes out of nine rival locations ( Los Angeles, Connecticut, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Ireland, Hungary and Czech Republic), only the last two of these are cheaper than the U.K for movie costing around $ 100 million.

For a movie costing around $ 20 million, the U.K is beaten only by HUNGARY. ( from Variety )

The Nadasy Mansion is a great place for historical movie shooting.






The exhibition introducing the aristocratic lifestyle of the 18th - 19th century.











" Love until death do us part, and after that "

                          Countess Ilona Zichy

Ferenc Nádasdy lost his wife ( Ilona) after their 3. kid was born, she was just 24 years old. He never got married again, they had been in a really strong, loving relationship.



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